Our charity relies on volunteers and donations in order to continue delivering community outreach and wellbeing activities for all ages.

We are a stand alone charity reliant on donations from the  generous public in the community and further afield.

We are recognised by HMRC as a charity and can therefore claim gift aid of 25p for every £1 donated if you are a UK tax payer.

Our bank details are Sort Code: 40-17-34 Account No: 11390732

Gift Aid Declaration Form

My Mum joined the COGS group a couple of months ago. It had taken me at least a year to persuade her to join as her dementia had sapped any self-confidence from her. She had become very insular and didn’t want to go out anywhere. She was becoming depressed and felt scared of mixing with other people, but on the other hand felt very lonely.

The change in her mood and her self-confidence has changed beyond recognition within a few weeks of joining the group. She is now much happier in herself and looks forward to attending every week. She is more self-confident, has regained her sense of humour, and enjoys conversation.

She now also attends the weekly coffee mornings in the flats where she lives without me having to coax her and goes on her own. Before she was scared to go to it without me and only had gone twice in 18 months.

She has also taken up doing crosswords and puzzles again every day to keep her mind active, something that she had previously given up 2 years ago. She now also likes coming out with me to have lunch and shopping.

This is all down to the wonderful work your team does at the COGS group as it has given her another interest. You have helped her see for herself that she is far

more able to do the things that she thought she couldn’t do anymore and she enjoys company of the fellow members of the group.

I can’t thank your team enough for the new lease of life that you have given her. Before she was surviving but now she is thriving. Long may it continue.’

Thanet Dementia Hub – COGS Club,

(Member of COGs Club Thanet Dementia Hub@Trinity,Daughter)