It is our intention to ensure that all our children feel valued, secure and happy. To enable us to do this we operate a key person system.

Research shows that having a close and consistent relationship with a key person has a positive effect on a child’s well-being which enables a child to engage in play and learning more readily and develop positive social skills.

Before you start at Sunshine your key person will visit you and your child at home to meet you child and play in a place they feel secure. She will work closely with you to settle your child in appropriately and to build a caring relationship with the child.

During the session the key person will support self-care routines (nappy changing, toileting, changing) and observe your child during interactions and play, planning activities for your child by expanding and developing their interests involving parents and other carers.

Your key person is your first point of contact and if your child’s main key person is not at work we have a buddy system so there is still a special adult for you both.